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John Hughes – Who Are you?

John Hughes – Who Are You? 0.05 – 0.28 John: Okay, I’m a Fremantle boy I was born in December 1935 if anybody knows Fremantle right opposite the beacon’s field state school my grandmother had…

2020 Calendar, Western Australia by Altitude

I’ve taken some great photographs mainly by drone in 2019, so I decided to select the best 12 and turn them into a Calendar (28x37cm) for 2020, if you’d like to purchase one please click…

Yagan Square

My photos will be on display at Yagan Square on the 360-degree screen. From the 24th of June until next year. If you like any of what you see prints can be purchased here.

Quinns Rocks

Quinns Rocks is very quiet place just north of Perth, it has a very laid back vibe about it.