In late 2021 I had an exhibition on display at the Northbridge Piazza Superscreen (Crn Lake and James Streets Northbridge) Titled “Outrun Perth” it featured model/actor Adrian Cardinal 15/09/21 — 31/10/21

In mid-2021 I created a Podcast called “Payphone Chats” a few months later it won RUNNER UP of the Rode Microphones competition which had close to 2000 entrants from around the world.


In late 2019 I was lucky enough to be invited to a Community Cabinet event by my local MP Simon Millman which was attended by Premier Mark McGowan and a number of other MP’s and creative people in the area to discuss the creative sector and how it’s evolving.


In mid-2019 I had an exhibition titled “Western Australia by Altitude it was displayed on the only 360-degree screen in Western Australia it featured a series of images captured by drone all around the state.


In early 2019 I created my first Podcast called “Wayne’s Wonder World” the idea behind this was to speak to a variety of interesting people and find out just that little bit more about them that the public may not know. My first guest was the one and only Jade Hurley.